Shrimp & Crab Pots

EZ-Pull Crab Keeper Pot


30” Octagon Pot. 3 high ramp tunnels with laid back triggers .Weight 12 lbs. Built in bait tube 1/2x1” of bright yellow mesh. Side door for crab removal. Top door for bait access. Harness. 3x3” 11 gauge vinyl wire. High ramp tunnel design is fast catching yet holds crab. Good for overnight soaks and strong current areas. The yellow bait tube brings them in, the ramps keep them there.

Pot weight shown is optional.

Part # AMS009DY

EZ-Pull Shrimp Pot



30"x10" Octagon shrimp pot with four 2"x12" openings with exclusive ladder ramps. Rectangular bait tube for easy access to bait. Independent bait tube door. 7/8" x 14 gauge vinyl coated wire. 

Part #AMS009F

EZ-Pull Mondo Condo Shrimp Pot

AMS009F 1


30"x17" Octagon Shrimp pot. 6"x17" round bait tube with independent access. Four tunnel design with exclusive ladder ramp.7/8" 14 gauge wire. Lots of room for shrimp. Comes with 7.2 lb. steel pot weight. By far our best fisher. 

Part #AMS009F-1